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For subsea construction and maintenance projects, Dive Works provides specialised wet welding and Broco cutting services. While most diving contractors offer underwater welding and cutting services, very few are able to provide certifiable welds or the precision cutting that is often required.

At Dive Works our policy of employing tradesman diver’s means that only qualified metal fabricators and welders are used to carry out significant underwater welding and cutting projects.


Dive Works offers a complete suite of subsea construction, inspection and maintenance services tailored to suit Government and Water authorities, the Oil and Gas industry and the Aquaculture industry. Our services are designed to minimise downtime whilst ensuring that the value of the asset is prolonged and protected. Adhering to strict OH&S standards our highly trained team  provide a reliable and comprehensive service in all subsea environments.

Included in our services is the ability to use explosives, clear seabed’s, lay pipelines (either steel or polypipe) and lay concrete. We have delivered projects including construction of 600 metres of 515mm polypipe for discharge pipes. The total weight of the concrete blocks and pipes was in excess of 700 tonnes.


Dive Works can conduct underwater inspections and repairs, using either a dive team for closer inshore regions or our ROVs for depths up to 300 metres. We offer inspection and repair of pipelines, mooring lines and subsea structures as well as cleaning and maintenance of underwater diffusers, pipelines and outfalls.

We also offer water storage inspection, maintenance and cleaning, including reservoir cleaning using diver controlled vacuums to remove sediment waste and silt from reservoir floors.

Reservoir inspections, both internal and external for asset management, future planning, OH&S and detection of leaks and sediment levels.

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Dive Works is Australia’s leading  technology based subsea solutions provider, utilising a fleet of world class Remote Operated Vehicle’s (ROVs),  experienced  ROV pilots / technicians, commercial divers and project management expertise. We deliver innovative services in Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), Subsea Survey’s and Rapid Emergency Response for onshore and offshore assets. The sectors we service include Oil & Gas, Water Authorities & Government, Marine & Aquaculture, Engineering & Construction throughout Australia and South East Asia.

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