Little Benthic Vehicle - LBV150-4 Mini ROV

The SeaBotix LBV150-4  MiniROV systems  are ideal for operations in more shallow waters requiring a higher-level of capability and features than are typically found in base systems. Expect incredible performance with power- full brushless thrusters, 4-axis maneuverability, and our industry-leading low-drag tether.

Each system is equipped with all of the necessary features to perform demanding tasks.

  1.   150 meter (500ft) depth rating and tether lengths to 250 meters (820ft)
  2.   Powerful brushless DC thrusters with individual oil-compensators
  3.   4-axis maneuverability with intuitive hand controller
  4.   Ultra small diameter high strength, durable, low drag tether
  5.   Crystal clear video and high resolution low light color camera
  6.   270º range of view with high intensity LED array tracking camera
  7.   Extensive range of options including laser scaling, grabber, zoom, reel, LED lighting and more


General Specifications

Depth Rating: 150m (500ft)
Length: 530mm (21in)
Width: 245mm (9.65in)
Height: 254mm (10in)
Diagonal: 353mm (13.9in)
Weight in air: 11kg (24.25lbs)


Configuration: 2 forward, 1 vertical, 1 lateral
Motor Type: Brushless DC direct drive
Bollard Thrust: 4.9kgf (10lbf) each
Speed at Surface: 3 knots (1.54m/sec)
Max Operating Current: 2 knots (1.03m/sec)


Camera:  680 line High resolution color
Range of View:  270 Degrees
Focus: Manual (90mm to infinity)
Format:  NTSC  or PAL
Lighting:  Internal 700  Lumen LED array Tracks  color camera

Control System

Configuration: Rugged case with weatherproof monitor and removable operator control unit
Monitor: 38cm (15”) LCD
Power Requirement: 1,000 watts, 100-130/200-240 VAC
Safety: Isolated input, circuit breaker, LIM, leak monitor
Meets & exceeds AODC 035 “Code of Practice for the Safe use of Electricity in Water”
Auto Functions: Depth, heading, trim
Video Overlay: Depth, heading, lights, thruster gain, turns counter, camera angle, time, date and user programmable characters


Diameter: 8.9mm (0.35in) nominal
Length: 150m (500 ft) standard
Working Load: 100kgf (220lbf)
Breaking Strength: 700kgf (1,543lbf)
Buoyancy: Neutral in fresh, slightly positive in seawater



Tether Lengths: 150-250m (500-820ft)
Grabber: Three jaw, interlocking small, interlocking large, parallel and cutter
Tracking: USBL positioning system
Lights: Multiple head ultra bright LED
Other: Laser scaling, zoom camera and more

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