Inspection Repair & Maintenance (IRM)

Underwater Inspection Programs

  • Offshore Regulatory Inspections of Oil & Gas Subsea Assets
  • General Visual Inspection (GVI)
  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Petroleum Asset Inspections
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Reservoir and Dam Inspections
  • Aquaculture Net and Mooring Inspections
  • Offshore Diver Support

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Non Destructive Testing & Inspection Reports

  • Flooded member detection services (FMD)
  • Cathodic Protection (CP)
  • Underwater Thickness (UT) readings.
  • Key Features

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Subsea Maintenance & Repair

  • Free Spanning Rectification & Stabalisation
  • Marine Growth Removal (ROV)

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We've Got IRM Covered

Utilising our state of the art ROV fleet, cutting edge equipment and experienced teams, Dive Works leads the way in delivering a full range of innovative IRM services and solutions that optimally maintain our clients’ critical subsea assets.

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Dive Works Subsea Solutions utilise a fleet of world class Remote Operated Vehicle’s (ROVs), commercial divers and project management expertise to deliver a suite of innovative technology-based subsea solutions to clients in Australia and South East Asia. Contact us today to discuss your next subsea project.