Subsea Maintenance & Repair

Free Spanning Rectification & Stabalisation

Pipeline free spanning is when a gap occurs under a section of pipeline resulting in a section that is no longer supported on the seabed. This can occur due to an uneven seabed, tidal currents or scouring. Pipeline free spans are at risk from damage by one of two major factors; by excessive bending from self-weight loading, or by long term fatigue damage, from flow induced vibrations. Pipeline engineers will calculate a maximum allowable free span length for any particular pipeline depending on many factors including; currents, wall thickness, coatings weight of the pipe, life of the pipe and coatings on the pipe and lifetime expectancy. To correct the free span, grout bags can be deployed subsea. Grout bags come in various sizes and compositions depending on the intended application. Grout bags can be filled with sand, aggregates or cement to provide different densities and performance subsea. Grout bags are activated by seawater, enabling them to be moulded into position by the Diver or ROV before curing in the correct position for its intended purpose. A CVI will generally be recorded using high definition video however, high quality stills can also be used.

Marine Growth Removal (ROV)

Dive Works can conduct subsea High Pressure Water Cleaning using ROV technology to clean subsea structures and assets such as oil rigs and wells. With pressure up to 15000 PSI (75 litres per minute) the high pressure, high volume, mobile water cleaning unit is used for marine growth removal.

Dive Works can also provide Ultra High Pressure Water Cleaning Services using an Ultra-High 36,000 PSI unit that can bring back the subsea asset to a Class S2.5 or otherwise known as clean to bare metal (CBM). This technique is applied to subsea cleaning of fire water and service water intakes.

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