Collaboration Saves Client millions

A situation unfolded in an Australian oil field where the choke inside a subsea manifold was leaking. The system was shut down and an emergency saturation dive spread was brought in to rectify the situation at a considerable cost to the client. The immediate repair was successful and the filed was back online, however the situation required further consideration and pre-emptive action.

Governing body NOPSEMA required that all the chokes in this manifold would be required to be Utrasonic Thickness tested (NDT) quarterly.


An Innovative Solution

In what is regarded as a world first, and in close collaboration with a key stakeholder, Dive Works Managing Director, Andrew Ford and his highly experienced team co-developed a method of conducting Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT) of chokes inside a manifold by modifying an observation class ROV.

There were 16 readings taken at once.

This engineering modification eliminated the need for additional expensive saturation divers to conduct the UT tests.

The new solution meant that the ROV Pilot could fly the ROV inside the manifold for the non destruction testing of the chokes.

An additional Falcon ROV was then used to provide another view of the operation from outside of the manifold. The chokes were tested during the project.

A Great Outcome

The outcome exceeded the clients expectations and successfully  saved the client $7 million per quarter in saturation diving costs.

This has  equated to an ongoing  savings of AUD $28 million per annum.

The collaborative bespoke engineering was a safer alternative to saturation divers and reduced the company’s risk exposure.

In addition to the cost savings, the client was then confidently able to meet the requirements of NOPSEMA and provide quality ongoing reporting of the situation.

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