Survey in Port Moresby

Working as the lead Project Manager, Dive Works successfully completed an Offshore Pipeline and Marine Structures Survey located off the coast of Port Moresby, in PNG during September and October 2016.

This was the first survey inspection of the approximately 400km long pipeline since the pipeline was built four years earlier. The campaign was conducted from a single main vessel, Outer Limit and included specialist services of our trusted partners for specialised survey, inspection, reporting and CP measurements. Divided into three phases the project included a terminal inspection and CP survey of navaids, fenders and substructures and offshore and shallow water pipeline inspection and survey.

Employing All The Right Tools for the Job

Equipment included Dive Works Work Class and Observation Class ROVs, general inspection video and SONAR recording, bathymetric survey, Multi beam Ecco sounder (MBES) CP Inspection, a tooling skid which consisted of boom arm cameras, lighting and a pipe tracker, in the event the pipeline was in 100% burial, the pipe could still be followed. In conjunction with the ROVs, Dive Works used a high resolution multibeam echosounder and sub-bottom profiler (pinger) as additional tools to complete the scope of work.

The jet boat ‘Gannet’ was used to conduct the shallow water survey, with a project duration of 12hr operations, over 14 days with a crew on board of 18.

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