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Over 17 years of Commercial Diving Experience
Dive Works has a long and successful history in delivering a wide range of commercial diving projects throughout Australia. Some of those projects are outlined below... for more information or to view our Commercial Diving Capability Statements please contact us.
Pipeline Inspection on Santos GLNG Project Queensland
Using a modified Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV with 5km tether, Dive Works ROV Pilots and Technicians conducted a long tunnel inspection from Curtis Island to the mainland (near Gladstone) QLD. Multiple sonars were attached to the ROV to gather comprehensive data for the Client report.
Reservoir Inspections
Inspection of outlets at the Ridgeway Reservoir in Southern Tasmania using an Observation Class ROV.
Mini Dive Works ROV inspects water tanks and reservoirs.
Using a mini ROV (Video Ray Pro 4) the Dive Works ROV team conducted inspections of over 60 water tanks and reservoirs throughout the Southern Tasmania region.
ROV Inspection for AECOM
Dive Works provided onshore ROV services to conduct inspections of sheet pile walls at specific locations at the Port Melbourne dock. The services included a complete visual of all the sheet piles over several hundred metres using high resolution cameras on the ROV
Offshore Pipeline & Marine Terminal Survey in PNG
Dive Works, as Project Manager successfully completed an Offshore Pipeline and Marine Structures Survey inspection of the 400km long pipeline located off the coast of Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea in 2016.
ROV and Diving Project in Desalination Plant
Dive Works ROV and Commercial Diving team are engaged to inspect Adelaide Desalination Plant intake tunnel.
Dive Works Saves Oil & Gas Client millions.
Dive Works actively seek innovative solutions to complex technical problems, taking on the hardest of industry challenges and completing them to the highest possible standard. Driven by a passion for positive outcomes, Dive Works was able to save one client more than 50% in offshore operations.
Another Bespoke Innovation – The ‘Gas Collector’
Andrew Ford, Managing Director of Dive Works saw an opportunity to provide an innovative solution for a gas leak measurement tool that would result in cost savings to his clients. Modifying the Dive Works observation class ROV, Andrew and his team developed the game changing ‘Gas Collector’.
Dive Works Making the Impossible Possible
Australia’s premiere subsea services company Dive Works is leading technical innovation with their Saab Seaeye Leopard, achieving outstanding results and delivering unprecedented savings for their Oil and Gas clients, performing an almost impossible IRM work scope in Bass Strait.