Work Class ROV Saab Seayeye LEOPARD

The most powerful and compact work class ROV

The ‘Leopard’ features the latest in technology from the world’s largest ROV manufacturer. The ROV system includes a tether management system (TMS), launch and recover system (LARS) and Schillings Orion 7 and 4 function manipulators. The Leopard’s light foot print (33 tonnes) allows for easy transportation and rapid mobilisation. The ROV also provides greater reliability and less downtime through simple operation and maintenance. With 11 thrusters, unrivalled payload and a host of advanced technology features, the ‘Leopard’ can handle more tooling, cameras and survey equipment than any other ROV in its class.  Dive Works has the ability to mobilise quickly and effciently and the ROV operates to depths of 2000m.

Benefits of the Leopard

  • Small vessel/platform deck loading requirements
  • Latest technology providing agile and precise to control with better access to complex and delicate subsea structures and more reliability than other Work Class ROVs
  • Back-up support via state of the art self diagnostic technology. Remote Access can provide support 24/7 diagnostics – minimising down time
  • Quieter in operation, which makes it significantly better for survey roles – well suited to carry out (IRM) inspection, repairs and maintenance on subsea assets
  • Total weight of equipment is approximately 33 tonnes, compared to 70+ tonnes with older ROVs. Current operators require larger vessels to carry the equipment. Using smaller vessels may help to reduce costs

Leopard Services

The Leopard is perfect for:

  • Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM)
  • Petroleum Asset Inspections
  • Subsea Surveys

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Launch and Recovery System

  • Integrated A-Frame, winch skid, HPU and snubber
  • 20ft X 8ft footprint for ease of transport and rapid mobilisation (TMS and ROV remain connected)
  • Weight: approximately 19.5 tonne (including TMS and ROV)
  • Folding front platform for additional deck space
  • 2,200 metres main lift armoured umbilical

Tether Management System (TMS)

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Bailing arm mechanism eliminates subsea slipring
  • 200m tether capacity (20mm diameter tether)
  • Adjustable height garage to accommodate ROV tool skids
  • 2.85 tonne SWL (allows for ROV tooling/skid up to 400kg in addition to standard ROV payload)
  • Camera and lights
  • Driven by brushless DC thruster
  • iCON control system

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