Dive Works Making the Impossible Possible

Australia’s premier subsea services company Dive Works is leading technical innovation with their Saab Seaeye Leopard, achieving outstanding results and delivering unprecedented savings for their Oil and Gas clients. The Saab Seaeye Leopard remote operated Vehicle (ROV) recently performed an almost impossible IRM work scope in Bass Strait that previously could only be achieved by large and expensive hydraulic systems and divers. In what is considered to be a world first, Dive Work’s manoeuvred the Saab Seaeye Leopard and a 1.25 tone diamond wire cutter, supported by a lift bag, deep inside a platform structure to slice through the metre-diameter steel pipe and remove it from the site.

Utilising the Leopard’s size, power, agility and manoeuvrability to its best advantage, Dive Works’ methodology, technical innovation and adaptation of the ROV was a smart, quick and cost effective solution that was able to save the client millions of dollars.

There is a lot to like about the Leopard

In another world first, Dive Works have successfully installed a live video feed from their Leopard. Clients can log on from anywhere in the world and view the work being done subsea. This advanced technical application allows clients to make real time decisions which saves significant time and money. Dive Works’ managing director Andrew Ford applauds the Saab Seaeye Leopard’s overall design. The Diveworks Leopard has completed over 750 dives, it is the most powerful ROV of its size in the world and we continue to maximise its capacity in extreme conditions and on extreme tasks with ongoing success.

The Leopard can be mobilised onto smaller, faster vessels than the traditional larger vessels which are more expensive.

Saab Seaeye

“Dive Works are showing the world how big savings can be made in the oil and gas industry from technological advances in electric underwater robotics, as smaller, smarter and more powerful vehicles are being adapted to undertake much larger tasks”

Andrew Ford

“We now have a vessel with a speed of 19 knots which can be mobilised and reach a job 400 miles away within 24 hours – and go places big vessels can’t go. We can access ports nearer the work site, move closer inshore and get closer to the job – and a speedy vessel means we can stay out longer, thus extending the weather window and saving the client money.”

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Dive Works is Australia’s leading technology based subsea solutions provider, utilising a fleet of world class Remote Operated Vehicle’s (ROVs) and experienced  ROV pilots/technicians.

We deliver innovative services in Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), Subsea Survey’s and Rapid Emergency Response for subsea assets. The sectors we service include Oil & Gas, Water Authorities & Government, Marine, Engineering & Construction throughout Australia and South East Asia.

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