Subsea ROV Surveys

Pipeline and Seabed Surveys

Dive Works can conduct large scale surveys of nominated seabed and pipelines features (depth of pipeline burials, record the extent of any exposure, record spans, absolute centerlines etc.) utilising multi-beam survey equipment and technicians. Dive Works provide a preliminary anomaly report for follow-up ROV inspection and maintenance work if required. Working in partnership with other service providers Dive Works can deliver all project management, engineering, supervision, vessels, labour, tools, permits, support and equipment necessary to successfully perform the scope of work.

Multibeam Echosounder (MBES)

Dive Works utilise a high resolution wideband Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) installed on the survey vessel, to measure bathymetry, and locate exposed pipelines in the area. The high resolution multibeam echosounder is used to determine the accurate position and depth of any exposed pipelines, the bathymetry cross profile, and identify any items of debris, anchors and anchor scars. Depths are reduced to the project datum using observed tidal data at the worksite, using the Veripos GNSS Ultra and Verify Tides systems. The velocity of sound profile through the water column is measured prior to commencing operations each day, and applied in the multibeam echosounder system.

Data processing

All pipeline survey data will be initially processed on-site using QPS Qinsy software. Preliminary field charts are prepared onboard the vessel, and can be sent to the Client by email in pdf format, showing pipeline positions, location of freespans, and any seabed hazards. A range of other data formats can also be provided, depending on Client requirements.

Security Surveys

Underwater security sweeps can be performed quickly, reliably and without the cost and inconvenience of divers. With the addition of sonar, highly accurate and repeatable hull inspections can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively. The ROV can safely explore hazardous areas whilst the camera captures high resolution images that can be viewed on a monitor on the surface. Sending the ROV into target areas eliminated risks to divers, keeping them from entangling in cables and steel supports. This also prevents dive hazards such as hypothermia, drowning, decompression, and accidental injury.

Marine Habitat Mapping

Habitat maps of the marine environment provide a better understanding of the distribution and extent of marine habitats, both at protected sites and across the wider environment. Knowledge of the marine habitat helps you establish a sensible approach to the conservation needs of each habitat and facilitates better management of the marine environment. Habitat Mapping with the Dive Works ROV provides accurate data complete with a visual report.

Environmental Surveys

Dive Works provides environmental surveys that encompass environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies and support for marine resource development. Our services include ROV Survey techniques and video capabilities designed to suit the site, water conditions and your requirements. The Seaeye Falcon ROV can survey sea beds, inspect and sample polluted sites without spreading disease.

Positioning System

Dive Works can provide continuous surface and subsea positioning of the vessel and ROV throughout the ROV inspection of the pipelines. The position of the ROV is provided at 1 second intervals to be displayed onto the ROV video overlay. All ROV pipetracker data is recorded digitally and used to determine the position and depth of any buried pipeline sections. The position and value of any pipeline CP stabs taken are recorded by the survey team.

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